How to Remove Press On Nails


Step 1

Soak your fingers in warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes or soak until the adhesive has began to lift.

Step 2

Use the cuticle pusher to gently lift the false nail.

Step 3

Buff any remaining residue on your nails with the nail file.

Step 4

Wash and moisturise your hands.


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Will press on nails damage my real nails?

If removed carefully and not forcefully, press on nails should not cause any damage to your own nails.

Can i reuse my press on nails after i've worn them?

Press on nails are reusable, if they are used with adhesive tabs and have been carefully removed.

If you prefer using nail glue, the nails can be reused if they are gently soaked off with cuticle oil and warm soapy water (not acetone).

Before reusing the nails, we highly recommend cleaning any residue (old adhesive, nail glue, water or oil) off the back of the nails.

If you have hard glue remaining on the back of your nails. You can carefully buff the residue off with a nail file or an inexpensive electric nail file (purchased separately).

Can i use cuticle oil to remove press on nails?

Cuticle oil can be used in addition to warm soapy water, to help lift the false nails off your nails.

Should I use acetone to remove my press on nails?

Acetone will dissolve the gel polish and glue. Only use acetone to remove your nails, if you do not plan on reusing the press on nails.